Construction TNO Lab for Building Innovation has started

It remains a special moment, even without the planned festivities. In Delft the construction of the new TNO Laboratory for Building Innovation, designed by GROUP A, has started. The first pile for the new research centre was driven, with the construction workers and those directly involved present at a safe distance.

The building will enable TNO to conduct cutting-edge research and develop unique test installations for building innovation. “Together with Delft University of Technology, we want the new accommodation to be a vibrant and recognisable centre in which top-of-the-bill research takes place and the impact of our innovations is tangible and visible. We are conducting research into innovative building concepts and energy-positive housing, and we are going to show this and apply it in our new accommodation”, says Patrick Punte, director of operations of the Construction, Infra and Maritime Unit of TNO.

GROUP A will continue to be intensively involved in the realization of this project in the coming period. If everything goes according to plan, the new location on the TU Delft Campus can be opened in February 2021.

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