TNO Building Innovation Lab

stimulus to innovation

Meeting and knowledge sharing are the central themes in the design of the new TNO Building Innovation Lab. The transparent corridor connects the test facilities and the laboratories with a meeting space in the core of the building. This is where you experience the dynamics of activities and where the core of TNO’s work is displayed at the TU Delft Campus.

Room for innovation

The lab accommodates advanced research facilities to develop innovations and conduct research in the field of building materials, climate systems and constructions. Here, collaborating parties give shape to solutions for important social themes. Stimulating collaboration and making the work of TNO visible are the basic principles of the design.

Open and visible

Making TNO’s work visible starts at the main entrance where the transparent interspace connects the three-storey high test facilities with the laboratory and office wing. This building-high corridor is a meeting place with abundant daylight provided by skylights.

Living lab

The building also functions as a living lab. Recesses in the modular facade allow innovative facade products to be easily attached and tested. On the roof is a research facility where innovative building components are tested. The climate system is designed in such a way that heat pumps and heat batteries can be connected to the building itself.

Sustainable and circular

The building scores high on sustainability. climate chambers from the old lab were reused and metal support construction and aluminum façade elements can be disassembled and reused. Various measures have been applied to reduce energy consumption, such as a translucent façade that reduces the use of artificial light, a heat pump and solar panels on the roof. This is how the TNO Building Innovation Lab contributes to a sustainable society.

TNO’s Building Innovation Lab designed by GROUP A is by a.s.r. real estate on behalf of the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund and developed by Stone22. Contractor De Vries en Verburg, was responsible for the realization of the building.



a.s.r. real estate




New build


Van Amstelpark 8, TU Delft Campus-Zuid


2,700 sqm

Start design

December 2018

Start construction

April 2020


February 2021


Ossip van Duivenbode

The makers of this project

Folkert van Hagen

Folkert van Hagen Architect | Partner

Chris Woltjes

Chris Woltjes Architect | Projectleader

Perry Klootwijk

Perry Klootwijk Architect | Projectleader

Brigitte van der Tuin

Brigitte van der Tuin Interior architect

Mindaugas Arlauskas

Mindaugas Arlauskas Architect

Hala Abi Saad

Hala Abi Saad Architect | Urban designer

Boyuan Shi

Boyuan Shi Architect

Jos Overmars

Jos Overmars Architectural engineer | Projectleader

External stakeholders

Structural Engineer

IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs


Nieman Raadgevend Ingenieurs


De Vries en Verburg

Urban Planner