Energetic debate about materials innovation

Thursday evening February 23rd GROUP A | CARBONLAB, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and Keilecollectief hosted an energetic and sometimes heated debate on the potential of material innovation to turn our built environment into a carbon sink. The multidisciplinary panel discussed possibilities, some examples but also zoomed out to the fundamentals behind it:

  • Construction materials are responsible for 11% of global CO2 emissions. No matter the perspective, that is a large share that makes us responsible to reverse it.
  • What common vocabulary do we have at our disposal, or do we need to develop, to achievea  carbon negative/climate positive built environment?
  • With what motivation do we work on such solutions, and to what extent do different motivations matter?
  • What roles can we take on in the fight against climate change?
  • Do we work on solutions that work at a specific scale in a specific part of the world, or is the situation so urgent that we need solutions that work for the entire globe?
  • What is stopping us from doing what we have long known is very necessary?

You can watch the entire event below.

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Photography: Jacqueline Fuijkschot
Credits: Warming stripes by Ed Hawkins (edited by Blueroom)

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