Gortercomplex almost at full height….

Construction of the Gortercomplex – a total of 213 apartments – at full speed.

It was a relatively mild winter, so the residential towers are already at full height. For apartment building Plot2, the highest point is approaching, at this moment 11 floors are ready, so 1 more to go. For the 2nd apartment building Plot3, the contractor is working on the landfill of the 6th floor, this tower still needs some work. Plot 2 is already being closed with the HSB elements, and the changing positions of the aluminium window frames are already clearly visible. Now we have to wait for the light facade cladding and the recreated balconies.

The construction for the monument is also well on schedule. The 54 apartments, are already beginning to take shape. The contractor is working hard on the fit-out. The new insulated rear windows have been placed behind the original steel frames on almost all floors. On 2 positions, the loggias have been cut out from the existing roof surface and it is clearly visible how these outdoor spaces on the South will be incorporated into the roof surface.

Plot 5, the underground parking garage in the armpit of the old building, is also clearly visible. The two entrances, are the only ones that now protrude above ground level. The deck of the parking garage is now still being used by the contractor as a storage area.

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