Green oasis completed in Central Park

The subtropical plants are planted and form the beating green heart of Central Park Utrecht at a height of 45 meters. They are getting ready to welcome the building’s users who will move in in January. The users of the multitenant office building will soon be able to work, relax and meet in this unique ecosystem.

The office tower Central Park Utrecht, designed by GROUP A, is named after the subtropical garden that marks the building at a height of 45 meters. The two-story, 400m2 courtyard garden is surrounded by a slightly pulled back glass facade that moves around the garden like a undulating curtain. It is the place to relax, chat or attend an event in green surroundings with a spectacular view on Utrecht. The plants provide fresh air in the workplace and contribute to a positive state of mind.

Central Park Utrecht is a development by Angelo Gordon and APF International and is realized by Bouwcombinatie Westflank Noord (a collaboration between construction companies bouwbedrijven Wessels Zeist and Wessels Rijssen). Koninklijke Ginkel Groep is responsible for the implementation of the courtyard garden and MOSS Amsterdam designed the green layout.

Images: Jordi Huisman

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