Topping-out Gortercomplex


We have been waiting for it some time now, but beginning of June the Plot2-residential tower of the Gorter complex has finally had its topping-out celebration on the building site.

All ‘builders’ present, have been put in the spotlight by the client and investor. IBB Kondor/ VolkerWessels had taken care of the catering and while the builders were chatting with one another, the immaculately dressed ladies and gentlemen of the catering were serving them with some delicious snacks. Also all other parties involved in the construction in one way or another, for once all equiped with safety shoes and helmet, were able to catch up in this relaxed setting and discuss the ups and downs of the still to be completed project.

Directors of the Development Combination VolkerWessels / Amvest and investor Amvest Core Fund spoke with praise, and toasted to a successful completion of the project.

The topping-out of Plot3 is still a few weeks away, and if everything goes according to plan, the entire project will be completed by the end of 2019.

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