Meet… #12 | Paula Ramos Martinez

In the ‘Meet the team …’ series, GROUP A employees react to a number of statements about their work. This time it’s Paula’s turn. Paula was born and grew up in Spain and she studied there at the Escuela tecnica superior de Arquitectura in A Coruña. She lives in Rotterdam now and works at GROUP A since January 2017.

What do you like more
– To work on a huge project with a big team
– Working on a smaller assignment with a compact team

I like both. I like to be part of a big project, that is very complex, where other teams from different disciplines are also involved, and a lot of factors have to be considered throughout the whole process. But I also enjoy a small assignment where you can have more control over every detail. This is one of the reasons why I joined GROUP A, as I have the opportunity to work on projects at very different scales.

When starting with a new project, I more often tend to
– Have an idea first, which can be adjusted during the process
– Write down the process plan from beginning to end

When I start a project I tend to be very pragmatic. I usually write down everything that I consider important, I start organizing the timeline of the process and I do some research about the area on a larger scale before I draw the first line.

When I finished a project
– It is still on my mind, wondering if things could have been done better
– It’s done and I leave it to start new projects

When I finish a project I try to focus on the new assignment, since I think that if you don’t stop, the reviewing process can sometimes be endless.

On weekends
– I still think about work
– I put the work out of my head and enjoy my free time

On weekends I try not to take work home, but  I think two days aren’t long enough to completely forget about the project your working on, so I guess it´s always in the back of my mind.

The biggest challenge for me as an architect is to
– Keep up with new technologies and science
– Hold on to my own signature

None of those. I think the biggest challenge for me as an architect would be that the final users of whatever we design, actually enjoy it.

In the future
– I would like to work and live in Spain
– I’m still in The Netherlands or even in another foreign country

I have no idea, I haven’t planned anything yet, but I can see myself in any of those scenarios.

My colleagues describe me as
– a serious person
– someone who is in for a joke

I guess the first impression would be that I am a very serious person, but it only takes a couple of weeks to realize that I am in fact very easy-going and like to have a good laugh.

Who would you like to be next in this series?

For the next “meet the team …” series I choose one of the most important people in this studio, who, surprisingly, hasn’t introduce himself yet. The reasons why I chose him are very simple: I think his work adds so much to this company and the energy that he puts into everything is remarkable. I am definitely looking forward to reading his answers.

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