Meet… #13 | Charlotte Nieveen van Dijkum

In the ‘Meet…’ series, GROUP A employees respond to a number of statements about their work. This time it is Charlotte Nieveen van Dijkum’s turn. She studied at TU Delft, lived and worked in England, but has moved back to the Netherlands and has been working with us since February.

My preference is for
– Working in a large team on a complex project
– Work on a small project in a smaller setting
Both. I like to work in a team anyway, because together you can bring out the best in each other. That results in better architecture and it is also a lot of fun! Complex large assignments are super challenging, but in a smaller project there is usually more room to really get into the finer details.

The biggest challenge regarding the design in my work is
– Getting my design to stay as original as possible
– Fine-tune the design during the process
Designing for me is refining, refining, refining and continuing to develop a design until it is completely right. That is not just having one stroke of genius and simply drawing that up, but a process of searching for the right questions and finding the best answers.

In 10 years
– I have my own office in the Netherlands
– I prefer to live and work in England again

I haven’t made any plans that far in tothe future, but I will certainly still be working on great projects with nice colleagues, hopefully at GROUP A and certainly in the Netherlands.

If I can choose:
– Then I work on an interior
– Then I work on the facade of an impressive office tower
Both are nice, but if I’m honest, designing a good interior might give me a little more satisfaction. Getting to know the user(s) very well, the tactility of the fabrics and materials and working on the human scale are really rewarding and enjoyable.

If a project is finished
– Then I am proud of the result
– I’m still thinking how it could have been better
I always think about how something could be even better ….., but I can be proud of the end result. It is always the result of an often long and complex process and if you always do your utmost best to get the best possible result, it is something to be proud of.

My colleagues describe me as
– A serious person
– Someone who’s kidding
Someone who’s in for a joke, we laugh a lot at our workstation

On a free Saturday afternoon
– I go outside
– I dive into the kitchen to cook something tasty
I love to cook a lot, but at the weekend I like to go rowing, to enjoy being outside with friends.

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