Meet… #11 | Laura Onnis

In the ‘Meet the team …’ series, GROUP A employees react to a number of statements about their work. This time it’s Laura Onnis’ turn. Laura comes from beautiful Sardinia in Italy, studied at the University of Cagliari and has worked at GROUP A since 2015. Her passion lies in making renders that, when the project is realized, come to life beautifully. She lives with her boyfriend in Rotterdam.

The biggest challenge in my work is
– visualizing the design as realistic as possible
– display the atmosphere of the design as much as possible

Not only showing the pure design as it is but trying to enrich the project with that little sparkle that the real life gives to the ambience.

In 10 years
– I have my own (render) agency in Italy
– I still work at GROUP A

I will be still working at GROUP A as part of this big family, hopefully still with the same colleagues that I have now, and many new ones!

With a new assignment
– I quickly know how I’m going to show it
– it takes a while before the design takes shape

Often the final result that will appear at the end on my screen is already there, at the back of my eyes, since the first moments after I got the assignment.

The coffee at GROUP A is
– what do you think? I am Italian!
– not bad at all

Despite the fact that I’m Italian, I think that the coffee at the office is not bad at all, the proof is all the empty cups that are on my desk!

I prefer to render
– an office building in a fully-built centre of a city
– a villa in a forest or by the sea

An office building in a fully-built centre of a city, because I’m fascinated by high-rise building, urban scenarios, city lights and frenetic activities. I do not mean that this is easier, not at all, but I find it more challenging and interesting.

On weekends
– I still think about work
– I put the work out of my head and enjoy my free time

I try as much as I can to put the work out of my head and enjoy my free time, so that on Monday I’m fresh and ready  for a new week!

What do you prefer?
-to work in a big team
– working on a small assignment with a compact team

Working on a small assignment with a compact team is ideal for me because it’s much easier to discuss the focal points of the project and divide the work according to what are the skills of each person in the team. I think the team works good when each task that has to be developed is assigned to only one person: this is possible when the team is not too extended.

My colleagues describe me as
– a serious person
– someone who is in for a joke

Someone who is in for a joke, they know that they can always count on me!
I also love to hang out with my colleagues and to be part of the team building activities.

Who would you like to be next in this series?
Paula!……………. because  I love her hehe

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