Meet… #14 | Ramon Mosterd

In the series ‘Meet…’, GROUP A employees respond to a number of questions about their work. This time it is Ramon Mosterd who is part of the PR and Communication team.

Before I started working in architecture
I worked on international projects on the verge of art and urban development. From well-known museums to a park design for Slotervaart and the early days of IJburg. I also worked a lot on sharing knowledge about inclusive development and organised presentations for the art and architecture biennales of Rotterdam and Venice.

The trip I would like to make again

I have good memories of southern France. For me it all comes together there in a unique way; climate, a diverse landscape, art and culture and in the culinary field it is a fantastic place. A nice dinner and the best ingredients to cook for yourself. Just wait until my son is a little older.

With this architect – dead or alive – I would like to have a good conversation

Together with former chief architect of the Government Buildings Agency Hayo Hoekstra and Fokke de Jong. In 1939, Hoekstra designed the Puntegale building as an Office Building of National Taxes. Later on De Jong & Bokstijn Architects turned it into a, at the time progressive, live-work space. It is the building I live in and it provides enough material for a good conversation.

I can see this film or series over and over again
In my top-5 is the SF thriller Gattaca. The main character, Ethan Hawke, switches of DNA and identity to be able to go on a mission into space. This atmospheric film contains a lot of futuristic architecture, including Frank Lloyd Wrights Marin County Civic Center. Wonderful to see!

My perfect Saturday consists of
A Sunday. The only day of the week on which we can start up with the whole family in peace. With a bit of luck we are free together so we can go out to do something fun.

A building that has impressed me a lot
I don’t have to look far for that. Our own Keilepand is an impressive building in many ways. With GROUP A and the partners of the Keilecollectief we show what is posible in the field of transformation. The charm of the old building combined with a modern interior and shared use of facilities.

With our projects I hope to touch people by
In the buildings and areas we design the user is put central. Sometimes this is in clever details that you only notice in daily use. An returning element is that we often create openness and space for meeting, both in new construction and refurbishment. This is less obvious than one might expect.

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