MELT with me! – Design proposal Delftseplein

MELT Rotterdam is a building and a destination that people enjoy visiting and where they want to linger. The high-rise tower next to the Central Station is a multi-use building that blends spatially and programmatically with the city. It is our proposal for the tender for the redevelopment of the Delftseplein.

The project name MELT is inspired by the song ‘Melt’ by singer Jones, which tells about the resilience and adaptivity that is created by melting together. We see this as a metaphor for the modern city in a digital age in which the desires and needs for high-quality and inspiring meeting places and the mixing of functions are becoming increasingly important.

MELT, with its 140 metres height, forms the connecting link in the Rotterdam Central District. The lively plinth has a Grand-media café on the square with its plane trees. The different roofs are public and semi-public outdoor spaces. The rooftop terrace at a height of 29 metres, part of the MELT hotel, offers a view over the lively Kruisplein. A place to eat and drink, work and meet. And a place where greenery contributes to a healthy urban ecology all year round.

The MELT team has worked on the development of this plan with great pleasure and enthusiasm. We, New Industry Development, GROUP A, IMD, Aardlab, Techniplan, DGMR, Besix, Skaal, Clearwater and Bureau Stadsnatuur wish the Provast-team good luck with the realisation of their winning design!

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