Metro Oostlijn wins Dutch Daylight Award

During the festive online award ceremony on midsummer night, we received the Dutch Daylight Award 20/21 with our Metro Oostlijn Amsterdam. According to the jury, the challenge in this project, to make people move through underground spaces in an intuitive way and feel comfortable and safe while doing so – has been answered very well. Other nominees in the category ‘buildings larger than 1,000 m2’ were Forum Groningen, Park Pavilion Otterlo and Goede Doelen Loterijen.

Our renovation of the metro stations of the Amsterdam Oostlijn, carried out in collaboration with Beersnielsen lighting designers and strategic design agency Fabrique, was named the winner by the jury.

“It is precisely the limited presence of daylight in combination with clever use of materials that works well,” the jury said. They mentioned, for example, the iridescent tiles and the deliberately applied curves, which produce a different effect in artificial light and in daylight.

The jury also felt that the synthesis of cool daylight and contrasting warm artificial light was designed in a visually intelligent way through preliminary studies on location. This creates a “very natural” sense of orientation when moving from outside to the platforms and back up again, according to the members of the jury.

Architectural and sustainable interventions such as the addition of low-iron glass to the concrete entrances, the reuniting of elevator and staircase, and the cleaning up of existing structures were done respectfully by the architects, according to the jury.

The jury of this edition consisted of Sylvia Pont (jury chairman, Professor of Light Design at TU Delft), Paul van Bergen (building physicist and director DGMR) and Siegrid Siderius (SISI lichtonwerp), Dirk Jan Postel (Kraaijvanger Architects) and Paul Ketelaars (Vakwerk architects) as winners of the previous edition, and finally Michiel van Raaij (editor in chief Architectenweb) and a representative of Lamilux, producer of innovative daylight systems.

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