Start building bicycle storage Knoop Utrecht

Recently, construction of bicycle storage Knoop on the south west side of Utrecht CMS station has been started, following a design of GROUP A.

The Knoopstalling, for about 3.200 bicycles, is an elaborate three-layer building located under the Forum. The lower layer of the stall is below the ground level and the other two layers above it. The stall is integrated with a parking garage on the west side. On the eastern side there is a large bus station. On this side the facade is entirely of opaque glass. Due to the narrow elongated arrangement and the long glass façade, the stall is provided with a lot of daylight and very clear, which contributes to a sense of comfort and safety. The stall is guarded for 24 hours and is provided with an administrator room.

GROUP A is also responsible for the Masterplan Westflank, Utrecht CMS station area and the implementation design of the Forum, where bicycle storage Knoop is part of. The Forum, an elevated platform on the same level with the OV Terminal, connects the traveler’s streams to the surrounding destinations, including the adjacent bicycle stations and tram stops.

Client: Gemeente Utrecht
Delivery: November 2017
Size: 5.000 m²

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