Central Park – straight building curvy edges

At first sight, the 90m high office tower Central Park Utrecht is straight and tight. On a closer look it is rich in sensual curved shapes. First of all, the curves of the set-back plinth catch the eye. Here is placed a curved window of no less than 4.5m by 2.7m and a convexity of 1.5m! A fine example of craftsmanship from Blitta BV Facade Systems.

And those who move their eyes upwards will see a second interruption in the tight rhythm of the tower. A constriction at 45m marks a green and two-storey indoor park. Completely surrounded by glass with curved windows and an undulating aluminum ceiling. The 400 sqm park is the central heart where people will meet and relax. This ‘green park’ provides an unprecedented work experience and makes the building healthier. In this way we are building a green city together with Utrecht.

Central Park is a development by Angelo Gordon and APF International and is being constructed by Bouwcombinatie Westflank Noord (a collaboration between construction companies Wessels Zeist and Wessels Rijssen). Koninklijke Ginkel Groep is responsible for the execution of the courtyard garden and MOSS Amsterdam signed for the greenery.

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