Construction for TNO labs Delft in last phase

One thing that will continue unchanged during Corona is the building sector. For them, no working from home. Construction by De Vries en Verburg for TNO MECC labs in Delft is progressing rapidly and has reached the finishing phase. The two most important parts of the building – the test halls and the laboratories – are now clearly visible due to the difference in use of materials. The test halls have a sturdy industrial look, with a cladding of semi-transparent Rodeca panels. Here you will soon be able to see from the outside what is happening inside. The long panels emphasize the scale of the hall and reflect beautiful light, air and surrounding greenery. The laboratories have a more ‘chic’ industrial look with a facade made of bronze-coloured aluminium panels.

With the design for the new TNO laboratory, GROUP A has brought the test halls and laboratories together in one building. For an inspiring and open working environment, where TNO can collaborate efficiently, creatively and multidisciplinary with all its partners. The double-high corridor – between the building sections – is therefore the meeting place (photo 5 and 6).

In the laboratory at the TU Delft Campus, developed by Stone22 for owner a.s.r. Dutch Science Park Fund, TNO will carry out application-oriented innovative research that focuses on life extension and innovation in the field of materials, energy and constructions. This research is being carried out for clients in the residential and non-residential building- and infrastructure sectors in the Dutch and international markets.

Photo 1 and 2: De Vries en Verburg. Photo 3, 4, 5 and 6: Chris Woltjes (GROUP A)

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