Condor RDM

reflects the human scale in its detailing

An industrial and cloak building, which reflects the functions it houses, and by size, scale and materialization refers to the surrounding industrial harbor environment.

The new Condor company building for manufacturing and storing high-quality products is in Rotterdam Heijplaat on the dividing line between port and residential area. An area with the rugged surroundings of the port activities, and on the other hand the modest scale of the adjacent residential area.

With a length of 100 meters, a width of 50 meters and a height of 25 meters, the building is easily mentioned. It has a building mass that does not deny its industrial function at the port, but in its effect it respects the rear smaller scale. Railing, detailing, color use and facade construction are the instruments used.

At strategic positions, the facade is made to a limited degree transparent and connects to the human scale. The passer-by will get a picture of the activities that take place inside this sturdy building.



Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.


New build


Heijplaat, Rotterdam, NL


8,900 sqm


Company building, warehouse

Start design

December 2012

Start construction

October 2013


April 2014


Frans Hanswijk

The makers of this project

Adam Visser

Adam Visser Architect | Partner

Greetje van den Nouweland

Greetje van den Nouweland Urban designer

Jos Overmars

Jos Overmars Architectural engineer | Projectleader

Eduardo Calle

Eduardo Calle

External stakeholders


De Vries en Verburg

Mechanical engineer

BRI Groep