Station Almere Centrum

from functional transfer machine to metropolitan heart

GROUP A did a spatial analysis and feasibility study for NS Stations regarding a substantial renovation of station Almere Centrum and its connection to the city. The aim of the “OV Terminal Almere 2020” manifesto is to activate stakeholders by providing insight into the possibilities and effects of the renovation of the station and its immediate surroundings. With the call to join forces for a full-fledged renovation of the Almere Centrum station that fits the ambitions of the transport companies, ProRail and the city of Almere.

In 1987, the station of Almere Centrum reflected the ambitions of the new, pioneering city of Almere in an appealing way. Architecturally, the uniqueness was in the application of the “viaduct type” and “the umbrella concept” (a vast all-covering overhead roof). It is not for nothing that Almere Centrum is part of the collection of most valuable stations in the Netherlands, compiled by Bureau Spoorbouwmeester.

More than 25 years later, in 2015, however, the station has lost much of its allure. Through wear and tear and occasional additions and adjustments, the station is no longer a place where the traveler begins or ends his journey in a comfortable way. It is time for a thorough renovation of the station to make it future-proof, welcoming train and bus passengers in a pleasant manner, and making the station once again a worthy entrance to the city of Almere and its center.

This quality improvement also includes an expansion of the station program, with shops and better service facilities, but also extra storage space for bicycles. There is a need for approximately 1,000 additional places.

The desired renewal for the station coincides in time with the challenge that Almere is taking on to grow to a size of 350,000 inhabitants. The sky-high ambition of the city is made visible with spectacular buildings by star architects. With this innovation, the city shows confidence in the future. In connection with the growth of the city flanks, the infrastructural connections with the center are being improved. In light of this, renewal of the station and station environment are of fundamental importance.

After the “OV-Terminal Almere 2020” manifesto was drawn up, the plans for Almere Centrum were implemented in the project “Metamorphosis station Almere Centrum”, a project of ProRail, together with NS, the municipality of Almere and the province of Flevoland.



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Spatial analysis and feasibility study


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The makers of this project

Maarten Lever

Maarten Lever Architect | Projectleader

Adam Visser

Adam Visser Architect | Partner