Dutch Pavilion World Expo Osaka 2025

building= landscape = building

Team Building Sustainable Landscapes (BSL) has made a design for the tender Dutch Pavilion World Expo Osaka. A pavilion inspired by the theme ‘Common Ground – A Dutch Invitation to create healthy societies together’ is both landscape and building. We mean this literally; it is not a building with a green roof on top but a wooden support structure containing cassettes as building blocks. These cassettes carry soil, plants and trees and consist of the very nature that carries them. For example seaweed, river clay, hemp and mycelium.

Nature, agriculture and construction all act together in this pavilion to lead the Netherlands to a new landscape. A landscape that is regenerative, with a revenue model for farmers, a CO2 negative future (a climate positive one) for builders and a healthy and comfortable living environment for citizens.

Experience the Dutch landscape

The pavilion is an experience in which the public will be taken on a fascinating journey through the 5 main landscapes of the Netherlands, from the sea, through the moor, along the rivers, across the fields, through the forest and into the city. It is a merger of architecture and landscape, where visitors can walk through the landscape, both above and below ground. They can feel, smell, see, and experience how the Netherlands offers a climate-positive answer to the many challenges that farmers, builders and citizens now face.

Start with growing

A biobased pavilion starts with growing all the materials. From day 1, the story is communicated via video and blogs so a broad audience can follow the process. We show how new networks and value chains are developing between farmers, builders, nature conservationists, designers and governments. In this way we are helping the Dutch landscape take a step in the green direction. The pavilion is built CO2 negative and as little as possible is brought across the ocean. Only the wooden skeleton and cassettes are shipped to Japan by boat. The plants and soil come from Japanese growers.

After the World Expo

The pavilion will return to the Netherlands after the World Expo in Osaka and function as a Biobased Experience where a wide audience will be introduced to the potential of biobased construction. It will also serve as an ongoing test center where new modules can be tested and improved. In short, the Dutch Pavilion at World Expo Osaka 2025 promises to be a unique and inspiring experience for visitors, while also being a showcase for Dutch innovation in sustainability.

Who is team Building Sustainable Landscapes?

We consist of an interdisciplinary team including Alba Concepts, BEE (JP), Biobased Creations, Bioform (JP), Building Balance, Fiction Factory, Front Office (JP), Hurks, GROUP A | CARBONLAB, Karres en Brands, Company New Heroes, WAM & VanDuren and Woodlife Core (JP). BSL is also working with biobased innovators such as Dasha Tsapenko, Diana Scherer, Erik Hobijn, Erik Klarenbeek & Maartje Dros, Katerien ter Meulen & Erno Langeberg, Margreet van Uffelen & Huub Loze, Samira Boon, Stijn van Aardenne and Tjeerd Veenhoven.

Ambitions for realization

The plan was positively received by the jury but unfortunately not selected as a winner for the World Expo Osaka. We are looking into implementing these principles directly in the Netherlands itself, together with the leaders of the Dutch construction sector. Keep following us for updates!



Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)


Tender/ New build national pavilion


Osaka, Japan




Pavilion and visitor experience

Start design

Q4 2022

In collaboration with

Alba Concepts, BEE (JP), Biobased Creations, Bioform (JP), Building Balance, Fiction Factory, Front Office (JP), Hurks, GROUP A-CARBONLAB, Karres en Brands, Company New Heroes, WAM & VanDuren, Woodlife Core (JP)

The makers of this project

Folkert van Hagen

Folkert van Hagen

folkert@groupa.nl Architect | Partner

Willem van Genugten

Willem van Genugten

willem@groupa.nl Sustainable Business Developer

Sven Schouten

Sven Schouten

sven@groupa.nl Designer

Mary Lou van den Berg

Mary Lou van den Berg

marylou@groupa.nl Architect

Mindaugas Arlauskas

Mindaugas Arlauskas

mindaugas@groupa.nl Architect

Boris van der Staak

Boris van der Staak

boris@groupa.nl projectmanager/ designer