Clarissen tower

landmark for station area and city

With the Clarissen Tower, GROUP A has designed a distinctive building that marks the heart of the Station area in Tilburg and forms a landmark for the city with its height of 130 meters. Due to its three-layer plinth, the building harmonizes with the existing historic buildings and its surroundings. The plinth is publicly accessible and detailed with natural and ‘warm’ materials. And is provided with an attractive urban program that will contribute to a lively Station area. The Clarissen Tower will accommodate 250 apartments, with a mix of housing typologies ranging from 60 sqm to no less than 250 sqm.

Heart of the Spoorzone

Close to the station and the city centre, the Clarissen Tower marks the heart of the Spoorzone. The residential tower, with a total height of 130 meters, is realized on a three-storey commercial plinth with a mix of urban program. The variety of facilities is not only for residents and users of the residential tower, but for everyone who visits the Spoorzone. The three-storey plinth is accessible via a large ‘external staircase’, for an optimal connection between activities in the plinth and the immediate surroundings. On top of the plinth there will be a ‘city balcony’ with a great view of the city.


With a focus on sustainability, the building becomes all-electric through the use of heat and cold storage and solar panels, among other things. Directly next to the tower there will be a parking garage for approximately 400 parking spaces. This garage is one of the three parking garages in the Spoorzone for area parking.

Vivid living, working and recreation area

On the site that was once the workshop of the Dutch Railways, a completely new district is currently being created. Since the fences around the former NS site were removed in 2010, this area is being transformed into a vivid living, working and recreational area with a strong link to the knowledge economy. Since 2012, VolkerWessels has been involved in the (re)development of the Spoorzone and SDK Vastgoed acts as delegated area developer on behalf of the Werkplaats Ontwikkelingsbedrijf.



Werkplaats Ontwikkelingsbedrijf (WOB)

Delegated developer

SDK Vastgoed (VolkerWessels)


Spoorzone, Tilburg


31,500 sqm / 250 apartments


Residential and public function in the plinth

Start design

December 2018

Start construction

Q4 2023 (expected)


A2 Studio

The makers of this project

Adam Visser

Adam Visser Architect | Partner

Pia Fischer

Pia Fischer Architect | Projectleader

Federica Padovani

Federica Padovani Urban designer

Laura Onnis

Laura Onnis Architect and visual artist

Jakub Wysocki

Jakub Wysocki Architect

Denny Chan

Denny Chan Architect

Frank Deltrap

Frank Deltrap Architect | Projectleader

Matteo Bettoni

Matteo Bettoni Architect | Projectleader

Pietro Giromini

Pietro Giromini Architect

External stakeholders


van de Ven Bouw en Ontwikkeling


Visser & Smit Bouw

Structural Engineer

Zonneveld Ingenieurs

Building physics



K&R Consultants