De Kroes

a dynamic world in one building

The ‘Kroes’ is a dynamic world in one building. In which a healthy and active attitude to life is stimulated.  By making cities, neighbourhoods and buildings nature-inclusive, they are more resistant to changing climate conditions. Green plays an important role within the building. The proximity of nature; trees, bushes, plants and grasses provides an attractive added value to the quality of life. The ‘Kroes’ is thus maximally urban ecology-inclusive.

Due to the far-reaching mix of functions, the Urban Healthy Quarter presents itself as a lively micro-city in which social trends can develop. The large-scale renewal of the Utrecht Central station area has made this area an attractive place for residents, businesses and visitors. Diversity and future-proof adaptability are the important themes. The ‘Kroes’ comprises a differentiated range of housing that is attractive and accessible to many target groups.

The SOHO programme (Social office Home office) is, literally, the core of the building. Situated around the enormous atrium, it stimulates interaction and meeting. And thus offers the opportunity to attract a great diversity of residents. By flexibly combining working and living without restrictions, a pluralistic use is created.



Zhonghongjian Holding BV and Beijing Jingaogang Group Co. Ltd


Competition/new build


Croeselaan, Utrecht, NL


86,325 sqm


Mixed-use building with 309 apartments, and work-units and a public plinth, including retail, sport and wellness and a Cross Creative Art Centre


May 2017

Design team

BNP (GROUP A and BETween), Arup, De Urbanisten, At Osborne, Victoria en bbn advisors

The makers of this project

Adam Visser

Adam Visser Architect | Partner

Folkert van Hagen

Folkert van Hagen Architect | Partner

Maarten van Bremen

Maarten van Bremen Architect | Partner

Greetje van den Nouweland

Greetje van den Nouweland Urban designer

Lolke Ket

Lolke Ket Architect | Projectleader

Laura Onnis

Laura Onnis Architect and visual artist

Matteo Bettoni

Matteo Bettoni Architect | Projectleader

Boyuan Shi

Boyuan Shi Architect

Pietro Giromini

Pietro Giromini Architect

Susana Ayres

Susana Ayres Architect

Virginia Melandri

Virginia Melandri Architect