Omroep West

Welcoming meeting place

GROUP A has designed a new hybrid working and production environment for Omroep West. An interior concept that facilitates interaction, communication and creativity. Meeting is central to this. By combining multiple functions in the meeting spaces, interaction is stimulated. Informal consultation, meeting, brief work and lunch, everything comes together here.

The regional public broadcaster of Zuid-Holland Noord has been located in the studio building on the Laan van ‘s Gravenmade in The Hague since 2002. The outdated interior and the increasing number of employees working from home, rewuire a new inviting and flexible working environment in which meeting is central.

Inviting meeting place

GROUP A’s design welcomes employees and guests to a meeting space in which the editorial process and broadcast activities are visible. The welcoming entrance is the starting point of an informal route that connects living rooms on each floor. Here different functions come together which promotes social contact between employees.

Flexibility and creativity

Adjacent to the living rooms is a series of multifunctional spaces. These flexible spaces are inviting and transparent. Here employees come together for a meeting, workshop or for the needed relaxation during the working day.

Room for concentration

The public space flows into quiet work spaces. Here, conventional workplaces in office landscapes are combined with individual working spaces for tasks that requires concentration and focus. The colors and materials reflect this with a calm and natural palette.

Well-being and sustainability

The design invites employees to go outside for a meeting, lunch or short walk. This contributes to employee well-being. And the reuse of existing materials and use of bio-based materials saves CO2 emissions and stores CO2.



Omroep West


Interior concept


The Hague, Netherlands





Start design

june 2022


Q4 2024 (expected)

The makers of this project

Maarten van Bremen

Maarten van Bremen Architect | Partner

Brigitte van der Tuin

Brigitte van der Tuin Interior architect

Raymond Leentvaar

Raymond Leentvaar Interior | Projectleader

Laura Onnis

Laura Onnis Architect and visual artist