Quooker Factory

Compact factory for a sustainable future

GROUP A designs the new industrial building for Quooker at the Nieuw Reijerwaard business park in Ridderkerk. With a lime hemp plinth facade and a distinctive silhouette, the factory complex stands out in its surroundings. The new logistics center is the first phase of the factory that will eventually bring all functions together under one roof in a comfortable work landscape.

The 9-plus-acre plot offers Quooker plenty of opportunities to accommodate future growth in multiple phases. The new logistics center is the first phase of the factory complex. This phase consists of a fully automated 30-meter-high high bay warehouse at the heart of the building with various logistics functions on two levels. The next phases will eventually unite all functions: production, offices, service and showroom.

Pleasant working environment
The design is based on a multi-year vision for a compact building (three layers of industry) with a defined silhouette and a welcoming entrance, which on the inside is designed as a working landscape. The core of the building for future construction phases will be green: an atrium with living plants and trees will provide a pleasant living environment and strong connection between the departments. The building will also have roof gardens, for use by employees.

Distinctive silhouette
The sculptural silhouette of the factory complex, an interpretation of industrial shed roofs, establishes a recognizable building that stands out in its surroundings. The shed roofs allow daylight to enter and provide additional volume to the underlying functions. Layering of the roofs and building mass add a level of refinement, resulting in a building with an emphasis on human scale despite its substantial size

Efficient use of water and energy
The desire to build energy-neutral, climate-adaptive and nature-inclusive is the guiding principle in the building’s design. Stacking the production over several floors creates a compact and energy-efficient building that requires less land and shell. The use of bio-based materials, such as the plinth facade made of lime hemp, contributes to an ecologically responsible factory complex and a pleasant working environment.





Newly built factory and headquarters


Nieuw Reijerwaard, Ridderkerk, NL


23.753 sqm (phase 1)


Production, offices and logistics

Start design

Q1 2022

Start construction

Q2 2024 (phase 1)


Q3 2025 (phase 1 expected)

In collaboration with

De Urbanisten and Studio INA MATT


GROUP A and De Urbanisten

The makers of this project

Folkert van Hagen

Folkert van Hagen

folkert@groupa.nl Architect | Partner

Pia Fischer

Pia Fischer

pia@groupa.nl Architect | Projectleader

Perry Klootwijk

Perry Klootwijk

perry@groupa.nl Architect | Projectleader

Jakub Wysocki

Jakub Wysocki

jakub@groupa.nl Architect

Sebastian Bok

Sebastian Bok

sebastian@groupa.nl Architect

Mindaugas Arlauskas

Mindaugas Arlauskas

mindaugas@groupa.nl Architect

Laura Onnis

Laura Onnis

laura@groupa.nl Architect and visual artist

External stakeholders


Cordeel Nederland bv

Warehouse automation





Jong Installatietechniek

Lighting designers


Building physics


Fire safety